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Looking for new a new hair routine? Looking for new products but don't know where to start? Lets look into this sis.

Heart with Wings

Hair Product Request

To receive a product routine script, please take the time to fill out the information below to the best of your knowledge.

Have you ever just wanted someone else to shop for your beauty products because it stresses you out too much? How many products do you have stashed in your closet that you bought because the packaging was cute but the product itself wasn't impressive? Wouldn't it be nice to simply tell someone what you want and have it show up to your door without having to do anything? Well... here you go. Welcome gal, Xoxo

Here's How it Works

  • Fill out this quick & easy questionnaire with $5

  • Wait for your Personal Product Inquiry regimen results

     This will display your product results, any important details you need to know about the products, pricing, and information to move forward with purchasing products. 

  • If you decide to go through with purchasing products the $5 submission fee is credited towards your final product total. I will order all products agreed on and have them delivered to shipping address provided, unless we have discussed other delivery options.  

  • If you do not decide to purchase recommended products you will not get refunded the $5 submission fee. $5 non- refundable submission fee. 

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