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Invisible Bead Extensions

It is extremely important to have done some kind of general research on extensions. IBE is a very specific type of hair extension method and it is good to compare and contrast the differences to other techniques out there. This also includes finding what length and style you are going for, so come time for the consult you feel more prepared to explain what you want.

Please schedule a mandatory consultation before booking your new IBE install. During the consultation we go over pricing, the installation process and any other details regarding the install and/or hair. You can book by clicking the link below or visiting any of my social platforms.

Before your install appointment you should have your hair with you to bring, or if we have discussed, I will have it. Please have your hair BOTH clean and dry upon arrival of appointment. The first initial install is your longest appointment. Do not wash your hair 48 hours after installed.

As you should probably know by now, it doesn't end after your install is completed. Do you have the checklist of things needed to keep the hairs' longevity and everything maintained in the best shape possible?

Is your next move up scheduled? Have you oiled your ends today?





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